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Helicase Venture enables companies to unlock the true potential of science

Understanding the Science

Stage and Phase: The Earlier the Better


​We make initial investment at varying stages, from seed capital through early clinical development. Our investment team engages with entrepreneurs and companies from early pre-clinical development where there is compelling science with cell and/or animal model proof of concept data and invests through pre-clinical and early clinical proof of concept stages.

Let's Talk Science


We understand the science. From bench to patients to the boardroom, our team has experience across the field. We have an understanding of the science and the requirements needed to move programs to the finish line.

Understanding science

Our Thesis

Life science breakthroughs

In order to solve the many challenges we have in human health, we look for teams that take a creative approach.

We seek novel approaches and look for sound scientific principles, including breakthrough medicines and platform technologies.


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hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j

Biology and computation-powered technologies

Bio-IT is a transformational area in healthcare. We look for technology platforms that enable pertinent scientific insights into drug development and design or enhanced delivery of care from providers to patients.


Key areas of interest include synthetic biology, machine learning for drug discovery (proteomics and metabolomics), and technologies / tools that help reduce healthcare development costs.

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