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Helicase Venture is a healthcare-focused venture firm that invests in early-stage technologies to build the next-generation companies. Our mission at Helicase Venture is to work with companies and entrepreneurs to unlock their potential to achieve great solutions.

The team spun-out from a corporate VC and formed Helicase Venture in 2018, the investment team is comprised of a team with deep domain knowledge and industry know-how. We partner with companies early on as we look to support visionary teams, cutting-edge healthcare technologies and those at the forefront of medicine.



Helicase focuses on novel approaches that achieve differentiated therapeutic results, irregardless of modalities.  Helicase gladly engages with pre-clinical developments where there is compelling science with cell and/or animal model proof of concept data and invests through pre-clinical and early clinical proof of concept stages.



Helicase Venture looks for innovative approaches to disease therapies. Key areas of interest include, immunological diseases, neurological diseases, metabolic diseases, and infectious diseases.

Digital Health Technologies

Helicase looks for technology platforms that enable pertinent scientific insights into drug development and design or novel approaches to enhance delivery of care from providers to patients. Key areas of interest include, synthetic biology, machine learning for drug discovery (proteomics and metabolomics), and tools that help reduce healthcare costs.

Investment Approach

Helicase Venture has the domain expertise and operational experience to help our portfolio companies grow and reach their next milestone.

Company Stage

Early stages